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Enterprise Architect

Redmond, WA
Title:  Enterprise Architect
Duration: FTE
Location: Redmond WA,
Enterprise Architect is responsible for defining, upholding, and communicating the vision of the IT architecture and solutions that support the business strategies.  This individual provides architectural leadership, consensus driven decision process, technology, governance, risk management, process, and finance expertise across a customer’s Business, to align the IT solutions with the needs of the enterprise.  In particular, they will envision, guide, and support the delivery of new, often complex, IT solutions.  A Principal Architect’s skills and knowledge must span multiple architecture domains (e.g. Application/solution architecture, Technical/Infrastructure architecture, Information/Data Architecture & Business Architecture) to ensure reference grade solutions.  Working across a broad span of customer stakeholders, from C-Level to Developer, a Principal Architect is expected to influence the organization and work independently while acting as a mentor and role model.  The use of models, strategic thinking, engineering discipline, program and project management, and advanced IT concepts are key characteristics of the Principal Architect.
·     Alignment of IT strategy and planning with a customer’s business goals.
·     Optimization of information management approaches through an understanding of evolving business needs and technology capabilities.
·     Long-term strategic responsibility for a company's IT systems.
·     Promote the use of shared infrastructure and applications to reduce costs and improve information flows.
·     Ensure that projects do not duplicate functionality or diverge from each other and business and IT strategies.
·     Work with solutions architect(s) to provide a consensus based enterprise solution that is scalable, adaptable and in synchronization with ever changing business needs.
·     Management of the risks associated with information and IT assets through appropriate standards and security policies.
·     Build employee knowledge and skills in specific areas of expertise.
·     Bachelor's degree in computer science, Computer Science, Information Technology or related field, or equivalent experience.
·     Seven to 10 years of experience in at least two IT disciplines (such as Application/solution architecture, Technical/Infrastructure architecture, Information/Data Architecture & Business Architecture) in a multitier environment — or five years of experience in business analysis or business strategic planning.
·     Knowledge of Enterprise Architect Discipline and frameworks
·     Familiarity with basic information management practices.
·     Exposure to multiple, diverse technologies and processing environments.
·     Exceptional interpersonal skills, including teamwork, facilitation and negotiation.
·     Strong leadership skills.
·     Excellent analytical and technical skills.
·     Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
·     Excellent planning and organizational skills.
·     Knowledge of all components of holistic enterprise architecture.
·     Knowledge of business re-engineering principals and processes.
·     Basic knowledge of financial models and budgeting.
·     Familiarity with basic graphical modeling approaches, tools and model repositories.
·     Understanding of the political climate of the enterprise and how to navigate the politics.
·     Ability to balance the long-term ("big picture") and short-term implications of individual decisions.
·     Ability to translate business needs into EA requirements.
·     Ability to estimate the financial impact of EA alternatives.
·     Ability to apply multiple solutions to business problems.
·     At least 3 years of Customer-Facing Fortune 500 company experience and/or companies with global presence.
·     Demonstrable track record of successful innovation and references to back it up.
·     At least 2 years working in a global business model
·     At least 4 years of cross cultural experience
·     At least 3 years’ experience in each of two or more specific technology and/or business disciplines. (e.g. Network Engineering, Business Analyst, SW Engineer, IT Executive)

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