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Lead Designer

Seattle, WA
Our Client is a steadily-growing, six-year-old,creative technology firm that designs and develops everything from mobile apps to large, embedded multi-touch installations for startups, global brands, and not-for-profits.

You want to join our team, because...

  • You love to create beautiful, original designs and have a deep understanding of multi-platform interactive user interfaces.
  • You are a passionate Visual Designer with at least a slight perfectionist bent.
  • You possess high levels of craft and are skilled with all standard design tools and applications.
  • You have 4+ years of professional experience designing digital user interfaces. Some motion experience? Fantastic!
  • You have strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • You play well with others.

...and you want:

  • To collaborate with team members from such other disciplines as UX design, product strategy, and software development.
  • To play a role in pioneering a new way of working better, faster and smarter that combines the best of a traditional design approach with the best of agile and lean software and product development.
  • To learn FROM USERS what makes a design compelling, usable, addictive.
  • To create digital experiences that help people do amazing things with grace and panache.
  • To work with hyper-talented people with diverse backgrounds and skill sets who are cool and nice, from whom you can learn things and whom you can teach things, too, and with whom you can discover and invent things together.

...and you share our disdain for:

  • Dumb, old, slow, wasteful waterfall processes that produce things that aren't compelling
  • Traditional creative pretensions and dogma
  • Design that looks pretty but doesn't really solve problems
  • Poorly managed projects that result in death marches and hours of compulsory, uncompensated overtime.

...and in your job, you want:

  • To work on visible, awesome projects
  • To occasionally travel to interesting places, but because you want to - not because you have to.
  • Great colleagues, office, location, and parties.
  • A flexible vacation policy and humane work environment and style Community involvement including hosted events, conferences, and more.

Interested? Please respond with the following:

  • Your portfolio
  • A description of your relevant experience and skills
  • Your resume
  • An example of something that inspires you

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