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DevOps Engineer

Redmond, Washington · Computer/Software

Title: DevOps Engineer
Location: Redmond, WA
Type: Long-Term Contract


Contribute to the success of Clients engineering teams by helping them build, test, publish, and evangelize their open source libraries:

  • Continue to evolve and modernize our open source DevOps for the Client engineering team by making build, test, and publish easier, faster, more stable, and more secure.
  • Contribute to our cloud architecture and development using TypeScript, Node.js, and Azure
  • Help build a strategy to evangelize Client both internally and externally
  • Contribute to the Client blog and public documentation
  • Build prototypes and demos with Client that can be used to:
  • Provide tutorials for our documentation
  • Provide projects for Client training, bootcamps, and workshops
  • Provide content for public presentations


Required Qualifications:

  • 3+ years of experience with TypeScript/HTML/CSS.
  • 2+ years working with modern front-end tools (git, npm, yarn, Node.js, Webpack, Rollup, VSCode, etc.)
  • 2+ years unit and end-to-end testing in browser-based and Node.js environments.
  • 2+ years Node.js and Azure
  • 2+ years front-end development with web components or a popular framework (Angular, Vue, React, etc.)
  • Coded prototypes
  • Strong writing skills (blogging, documentation, social media)
  • Strong oral communication skills (public speaking, training, social media)

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience configuring CI/CD for front-end library/app build scenarios (GitHub Actions, ADO, or CircleCI). Experience with Docker and Kubernetes is a plus.
  • Experience managing Azure resources and/or working with core Azure tech such as Azure Functions, CosmosDB, and GraphQL
  • Ability to collect, analyze, and identify trends in data, bringing reports to leadership to help improve operations for the team.
  • Strong understanding of the software development lifecycle, including the ergonomics of DevOps, and the ability to respond with targeted improvements to our tools and processes.
  • Time management and task prioritization
  • Managing multiple work-streams at once

Experience with C#/Blazor

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