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Technical Project Manager

Seattle, WA · Computer/Software
Title: Technical Project Manager
Location: Seattle, WA
Openings: 1
Type: Full-time Hire
A Technical Project Manager at CLIENT is responsible for the planning and execution of projects and initiatives, managing workflows and communicating issues and status. The execution of the projects is typically done with one or more teams that the TPM works with. The TPM will communicate in various formal and informal methods to convey project status, issues, conflicts and risks. The TPM will work with various business stakeholders and Technical Managers to plan projects.  As part of the initiatives or projects they lead, the TPM will help investigate technical issues and ideas.  The outcomes of the investigation are actioned through strike teams or other change management methods.  These outcomes are often outside of the TPM's subject matter expertise.  The TPM is the “glue”, bridging technical team feedback to business stakeholders. The TPM is highly aware of the business needs and requests and makes sure they are logged and presented appropriately to the technical team(s).
  • Expert in all areas of Project Management. Relied upon to drive resolution of the most complex issues and questions. 
  • Coordinates the work of other technical project managers and/or Producers. 
  • Master of tactical planning that sets and executes against long-term and short term tactical time frames, major player in strategic planning for major initiatives across the organization.
  • Go-to person for any questions about the product and related systems.
  • Balances and has input on how the architecture that the technical teams create meets the business needs.
  • Leads change across the studio/division with a focus on tactical outcomes. 
  • Participates in strategic plan definition across the studio/division.
  • Runs large projects and programs that span multiple teams, both in and out of the studio/division.
  • Has effective communication outside of the studio/division to stakeholders.
  • Builds format for, and communicates strategic plans.
  • Participates in and provides leadership in creating effective cross communication and collaboration between teams in the studio/division.
  • Coordinates work with other TPMs on large projects and strategic planning.
  • Works with leadership to define KPIs and targets for teams and projects.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
  • Extensive knowledge in tactical definition, implementation, rollout, and iteration of major processes / tools.
  • Can lead change across the studio/division with a focus on tactical outcomes. 
  • Participates in strategic process change
  • Understanding of the software development lifecycle
  • Master of tactical project planning and extensive knowledge in creating timelines of longer term deliverables.
  • Mastery in multiple project methodologies including Agile.  Extensive knowledge in applying whole methods or parts to project needs.
  • Mastery of risk management and communication of those risks for multiple project streams.
  • Able to runs large projects and programs that span multiple teams, both in and out of the studio/division.
  • Mastery in project communication methods for multiple projects or workstreams.  
  • Extensive knowledge in communication styles across disciplines.   Modifies communications to match audience.
  • Extensive knowledge in defining documentation guidelines, processes, tools, business requirements and specifications.
  • Knows how to build format for and communicate strategic plans.
  • Extensive knowledge in cross team leadership methods.
  • Extensive knowledge defining KPIs and targets for teams and projects.
  • Fully proficient at training all levels of TPM’s.
Required Experience:
  • 8 years project management experience
  • Bachelor's Degree

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